Scientific name of Yellow naped Amazon parrot is Amazona auropalliata. They are intelligent parrot that make excellent bond with their owner. Their speaking skills are remarkable that make them, one of the most popular Amazon parrot among species. They are very aggressive bird so you have to keep it a bit away from kids. Theses parrots are social, affectionate and loyal to their owner. They are a great mimic and talker.


Most of people consider this Amazon as a subspecies of yellow crowned Amazon parrot. There parrots are native to Central America and Northern South America. This breed is constantly decreasing in wild because of tapping and heavily deforestation.


These parrots can’t speak loud as much like Macaws (Blue and Gold, Spix and Scarlet Macaw) but on some occasion they speak very loud. Their talking and singing skills are excellent. When you are at home with Yellow naped Amazon then you have to be careful what you say, their picking skills are much active. They can pick easily what you say.

Yellow Naped Amazon Identification

They are mostly in bright green colour. Their name shows that they have a blaze of yellow on the lower nape along the back of the neck. They have a bit yellow mark in their forehead and crown. They have some red feathers in wings.

Their male and females are exactly same. If you want to differentiate between them then you have to do DNA test.


Diet of Amazon parrots contain a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries and vegetation in wild. If you are carrying a Yellow naped Amazon at home, then it is your responsibility to arrange healthy diet for them which include their favorite seeds. You have to feed them vegetables and fresh fruit daily.


If you are carrying a yellow naped amazon at home, then there are some precautions you have to follow. You have to keep them away from kids because they become aggressive sometimes. They are not large like Macaws, so they can survive if small cage, but its cage should be large enough so they can stretch their wings easily. You have to give them 1 – 2 hours a day and clean their toys once in a week.

Some Questions

Are yellow naped Amazons good pets?

Yes, they are good as a pet. They have great bond with its owner. Their picking and speaking abilities make them unique from other parrots.

Do yellow naped Amazons talk?

They have good skills of talking and parody. If you are carrying an amazon parrot at home, then you have to take care of what you say. They are known as well picker.

How much is a yellow naped Amazon parrot worth?

The price of this amazon parrot ranges $1200 to $2500. It depends on their age and how well they are trained.


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