Spix Macaw Description

It’s the tale of the world’s loneliest bird, the Spix macaw. You won’t see one in the wild. Instead, it’s the start of a new animated movie that tells the story of its flight towards extinction. But the real-life fight to save the endangered parrot is a world away from Hollywood.

Spix Macaw information

Spix macaw as a species presents arguably the most significant conservation challenge in the world today because they have so much going against them, and getting them to reproduce successfully is proving so challenging.

Spix Macaw history

Spix Macaw Macaw was gathered by the German naturalist Johann Baptist von Spix in the dry north-east of Brazil, around the 1819s. The Spix’s Macaw is a terminated species in the wild; however a few hostage feathered creatures are raised, ensured, and rationed through significant reproducing programs in a few nations on the planet. 

Spix Macaw extinction

On a dusty stretch of the Qatari desert lies the el Weber wildlife preservation where conservationists are trying to save critically endangered animals from extinction, and none is more critical than the Spix Macaw.

Spix Macaw sighting

The Spix macaw is native to Brazil, but it’s been hunted into extinction in the wild the last one sighting was 11 years ago.

How many Spix macaws are there left?

Captive birds are now the only lifeline for the species; there are 86 in total.

Spix Macaw lifespan

  • Spix macaws usually live 28-38 YRS.

Spix Macaw diet

Spix macaw neutral diet;

  • Seeds 
  • Nuts
  • Fruits (mainly cactus fruits)
  • Flowers
  • Leaves

Spix Macaw extinction date

Spix macaw becomes extinct in a forest after 1990.

Spix Macaw reason for extinction

In 1990, just one Spix’s Macaw could be found in the wild, living respectively with an Illiger’s Macaw Primolius Maracana. Since the year 2000, the species has been viewed as wiped out in nature. Notwithstanding unlawful dealing, the decimation of natural surroundings because of human impacts was the principle explanation behind the termination of the species. Today just around 160 Spix’s Macaws exist in imprisonment around the world.

Spix macaw price in India

We get numerous requests for winged creatures like Blue-looked at cockatoo and red macaw, and these cost 5 lakh and 3.5 lakh, individually. Once, they are appropriately prepared, these fowls are anything but difficult to keep up and will satisfy 80 years.



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