The scarlet macaw price varies around the world. They can be found from southern Mexico to Peru, just as Bolivia, eastern Brazil and the island of Trinidad. They want to invest their energy in tall, deciduous trees in backwoods and close to streams, ordinarily in enormous, boisterous gatherings. Macaws additionally mate forever, settling from January through April in the gaps of dead shade trees. Mated grown-ups lay up to two eggs for every year, and dress one another and their posterity for quite a long time, cleaning bugs from their plumes.


Price in Pakistan

  • Scarlet Macaw chicks price in Pakistan around 48,829 Rs.
  • Adult around 275,000 Rs.

Expected Amount in India

  • Their Price in India ranges to 3.5 lac to 5 lac adult piece.

Price in Philippines

  • Their Price of Scarlet Macaw in Philippines ranges to 90,000.

Price in USA

  • Their price in USA ranges around $2000 to $3000. Average price is $2500

Price in UAE

  • Adult piece of scarlet macaw ranges around 3,800.

Scarlet Macaw VS Spix Macaw

The Scarlet Macaws can easily found in wild so people increase their breed and sale. On other hand side Spix Macaws unfortunately become extinct in wild that’s why its hard to find customer that sales Spix Macaw.



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