Scientific name of black Palm Cockatoo is Probosciger aterrimus. It is largest among cockatoos. It is most intelligent parrot but it is sometimes difficult to control them. With extensive training, hand-fed palm cockatoos can make excellent, tame pets. It contains large, beautiful and amazing beak. They are friendly with owner, that make it most suitable for their owner. These parrots are fearless to their owner, so they need bold owner that can easily handle and train them. Their population is decreasing rapidly because of decrease in habitat.


They are found in rain forests, where there is river or water tank around. In wild they found in Australian regions, including Guinea. They prefer large trees for nesting and egg laying. During incubation period they do nesting near food and water source.

Physical Appearance

They are largest among all cockatoos, their height ranges from 50 to 67 cm. Their normal weight is around 1050 gram. Female normally contain less weight than male that is around 900 grams. Length of their wings are 35cm and they have beautiful long tail of 23cm. They are known for their amazing beautiful and long beak. There is clear difference in their male and female, male is a bit larger and heavy then female. They have beautiful red mark near its beak.


Palm Cockatoo can be a good friend but sometimes they become aggressive, and can hurt someone. So it is better for you to don’t expect it to be as much affectionate as many other parrots like macaws. If you want to train this parrot, then you need to give him a lot of attention and consistent training. This parrot can perform some tricks that make you laugh.


These pets are moving towards extinction, because of decrease in their natural habitat and their demand in exotic pet trade. They are mostly found in zoos and bird shows. It is much difficult to find them in wild. You can’t keep this specie of parrot away from owner for long time. If you are carrying this cockatoo at home, then you must keep palm cockatoo in large cage, so they can stretch their wings easily. Their cage should be at least 10 to 11 feet long and 6 to 7 feet high. If you can’t afford this size of cage, then it is better for you to choose any other cockatoo for home. You have to give this parrot almost 2 to 4 hours a day to make it friendly.


In wild, they feed their chicks and themselves a healthy diet that contain, fruits, nuts, tree seeds and string eucalyptus tree bark, but when you are keeping this parrot at home then you have to take care of their diet. You have to feed them in early morning hours, and try to give them enough food, so they can get proper nutrition. Try to avoid toxic food for your parrot. There are some parrot fruits in market, that contain all of their nutrition that make them healthy.


As they are much large in size, so they need a lot of exercise to maintain their physical health. You need to take your bird in play area with their toys, for at least 4 hours a day. They require regular schedule of time for training. When you take this parrot outside the cage, then you have to take care of this so they can’t chew on your household goods, furniture and walls. Try to give them soft toys so if they play with their toy that will not affect their beak.


Male approaches to female for mating and they extend their wings. Male make loud whistles and bows several times. They only choose their partner once in life and spend all their life with that mate. Their breeding season changes with climate change. They lay only 1 egg per clutch and takes almost 6 weeks to incubate that egg. They can do reproduction at the age of 7 to 8 years. Their male and female, both play an important role in incubation but female spend more time on egg and male spend more time to gather food.

Life Span

Unlike macaws, they don’t have long life span. They live almost 50 years. Their life depends upon some factors which includes health, diet and care. Captive cockatoos can live almost 100 years long.

Some Questions

Are palm cockatoos noisy?

Palm cockatoos are noisy parrots but they remain calm in house and doesn’t create much noises.

Are Palm cockatoos good pets?

Yes, they are good pet. It takes much time to train them. You have to give them almost 2 to 4 hours a day to train them. Sometimes they become a bit angry, you have to observe their behavior before placing them with kids.

How many palm cockatoos are in the world?

Their population is decreasing day by day, as they are losing their habitats. But there isn’t any exact figure of their population. Around 140 palm cockatoos are alive and healthy in zoos.

How long do palm cockatoo live?

They don’t have long life span like macaws, but they live almost 50 years. Captive cockatoos live 95 years. Their life span depends on some factors, which includes health, care and diet.

Where do palm cockatoos live?

They are native to woodlands of Guinea and Queensland. They prefer to live in rainforests near rivers.

Are cockatoos aggressive?

Their behavior is not much calm like macaws, they sometime become aggressive toward their owner. You have to observe their behavior time to time and have to give at least 2 hours a day to keep them healthy.

Can Palm cockatoos talk?

Yes, they are best talking cockatoo. They easily learn some words from owner and repeat that all day. They are intelligent cockatoos; they can perform some tricks that make you laugh.

Which parrot has the strongest beak?

When we talk about the beak of parrots, then macaws have most beautiful, attractive and powerful beak then all parrots.

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