Scientific name of Military Macaw is Ara Militaris.


They are native to Central America and South America. Macaws prefer arid lands over tropical rain-forests. They can easily live in dry forests and in that trees that have river or canal of water near that. They are the smallest among all macaws. Their normal length is almost 27 – 33 inches. They are mostly green in color with red tuft of feather on forehead.


Their diet consists of seeds, fruits, nuts, berries and other vegetation. Military Macaws will leave their roosts in flocks around dawn and head to their feeding areas.


There are some breeds of Military macaw considered as hybrid Macaws.


Military Macaw fly several hundred meters in forests daily. This is their regular exercise. If you are owner of military macaw, then it is compulsory for you to give them playtime of 2 – 4 hours a day to keep them active and healthy.

You have to keep them in large cage so they can easily stretch their wings.


Macaw wasting syndrome and overgrown beaks are common diseases in macaws. They may resort to self-mutilation by feather plucking, if they bored or neglected.


Their cage need to be large at least 2.5 feet by 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Make sure you have play stand for military macaw to play at home. They can become angry in cage, when you keep them in cage for long period without playing with them. You need to clean its cage on regular basis. Clean its toys once in a week to keep them healthy.

Free Adaptation

There are some websites which give you macaw so you can adapt them easily,


Their price range is same as Scarlet and Spix Macaw. But as Spix macaws are extinct in wild so it’s hard to find them but their price in market is same.

If you want to buy Military Macaw, then you can buy from

Bird Breeders


Like spix and scarlet macaw their age is around 60 years.


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