Scientific name of Hyacinth Macaw is Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus. It is most stunning, beautiful and one of most expensive macaw among macaw’s family. It is largest of all. Owner of this macaw parrot needs time, patience and financial resources to take care of this unique and sensitive bird, which is as large as eagle.

History & Origin

They are native to central and eastern South America. This macaw prefer to dwell in palm, woodlands and open areas. They avoid humid forests. They first discovered in 1790 and considered as new macaw breed. Their number in wild is decreasing due to gradual reduction in habitat and steady demand of bird in pet trade market. People catch them from their natural habitat to sale them in pet markets which are causing them to move towards extent.


It is much easy to identify hyacinth macaws, they have bright yellow patches around beautiful eyes and beak. They have the most attractive color solid blue.


They need extra care as compare to spix, military and scarlet macaw. They are much large in size, so if you are trying to breed this parrot at home or want to train them in home then you need large size cage. You have to give him at least 2 – 4 hours a day. They demand more time and attention than other macaws. Their play area must contain a lot of toys and area should be wide for them, so they can easily stretch.


They are most intelligent macaws. These macaws frequently travel together in wild as small flocks of 1 – 8 pairs, and loudly call each other. They are able to reach flight speed of 56kmph. They are most playable among all parrots. Their pairs remain bonded in wild and when someone from their bond move away they all start screaming loud to trace that macaw. Their strong beak can easily creak coconut.

How many eggs hyacinth macaw lay ?

Unlike Spix, Scarlet and Military macaw, they lay 2 – 3 eggs once.


Their average lifespan is 30 – 5- years, but there are some hyacinth macaws that are almost 80 years old. It depends on their diet and health.


In wild, they normally eat fruits, green vegetation and especially nuts of bocaiuva palms. This macaw follows very interesting way to find out nuts with the help of their tongue and toes. If you are carrying this macaw at home, then you must have to take care of their supplements. Their diet should contain high fat and palm nut. You can also make use of substitute such as walnuts, coconut, almonds and cashews in case you are not able to find palm nuts for your pet.

hyacinth macaw for sale

Their price ranges around $18,000. You can buy this macaw from Bird Breeders.


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