Scientific name of Australian king parrot is Alisterus scapularis. Their male has beautiful red head, which make them unique from other parrots. There is easy to differentiate between male and female of this parrot. Make contain complete red, unique and beautiful head and on other hand side, female contain full green color with a long green tail. In wild they prefer to fly below tree level and give beautiful and attractive look to people living around.


They are native to east coast and ranges of Australia; King parrots are also found in Queensland. They prefer to live in rain-forest near rivers.


Their way of laying egg is unique from other parrots. They lay eggs on a bed of decayed wood at the bottom of a deep hollow in the tree trunk. Unlike other parrots, they lay eggs near to ground. They lay around 4 to 6 eggs in single clutch and took almost 20 to 22 days to incubate.

Sound and Speech

When we talk about the sound and speech of Australian King Parrot, although they have loud and chirps noise but we can keep them in house, if we can bear them. They can learn few words from owner and repeat that whole day. They are not much intelligent like Grey parrot and Macaws, but you are much friendly with their owner. It will take much time to teach them some words.


In wild, these parrots have very rich amount of diet that contain fruits, flowers, insects, barriers and insects. But when you are keeping an Australian King Parrot at home, then it is your responsibility to keep their diet healthy and full of nutrition. There are some parrot’s foods in full of nutrition, that can easily available in market. You can use that to feed your parrot, but try to give them some insects and buds, as they love them.


In wild, they can take care of their chick and themselves. But when you are carrying Australian King Parrot at home then you must take care of their diet, exercise and behavior. You have to give them at least 2 hours a day. You have to provide them some toys so parrot can play with that and can perform its daily exercise. Try to make their cage size around 4 feet’s, so they can easily stretch their wings inside the cage. They are friendly, so you can keep them with your kids.


They are considered to be calm pet and friendly with their owner. King Parrots are known for their string bond with their owner. They love to play with their toys. They are less intelligent than cockatoos, but their intelligence will put smile on your face.


Unlike macaws and cockatoos, it is easy to differentiate between their male and female. Their male contains beautiful red color head with long unique tail. On other side their female is full green in color. They contain some blue shades in their body which make them most beautiful from others.

Health Problems

Australian King Parrots can suffer from Bacillius. Bacillius is bacterial infection that is almost impossible to treat. This spreads one parrot to other, so when you try to introduce your parrot with other parrots, then make sure to keep your parrot in quarantine for almost 5 weeks. When you see any symptoms of bacillius in your any parrot, then you have to keep that parrot away from other to keep them safe and healthy.


They require large size cage to perform daily exercise of stretching wing and flying. They need a lot of toys and time of their owner so they can learn few things from their owner.

Some Questions

Do Australian king parrots mate for life?

These parrots are less intelligent than macaws and cockatoos, but still they are friendly. They have strong bond with their owner, so yes they are good mate for life.

How many eggs do king parrots lay?

They lay almost 4 to 6 eggs in single clutch and it will take 20 to 22 days to incubate.

How long do king parrots live for?

When we talk about their life span, they have average life of 25 years. That depends on their diet and health care.

What Color is the male king parrot?

Male of this parrot contain beautiful red head, that make it unique from other parrots.

What should you not feed birds?

There is some toxic food for parrots, you have to keep that food away from your parrot. Some of them are,

Caffeine, Chocolate, fat, salt, onion and garlic. These can affect the health of your parrots.

What Color is a female king parrot?

Female king parrots contain beautiful green color with long green tail, which make them unique from other parrots.


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