Scientific name of African Grey Parrot is Psittacus erithacus. It is most wonderful and intelligent parrot. This is one of the oldest psitticine species kept by humans. It is medium sized, dusty looking parrot. It has bright red tail, intelligent orange eyes.


Grey Parrots are found in lowland rainforests in western and central Africa. They prefer to live in rainforest, they also live in forest edges. Their way of communication is amazing, they communicate with each other by scream and whistle. Their nest mostly found at the top of trees.


Grey parrots are one of most intelligent parrots. They can identify, request, refuse and qualify more than 70 different objects. They respond to questions of concerning concepts of colour and shape.

They can Travel upto 10KM a day

They only mate with one companion at a time. Unlike other parrots we can keep them in form of sets.

They nest in large groups, containing thousands of grey parrots.

They have very strong bonds with their owners and much emotional. They need a lot exercise to keep their muscles toned and strong.

They are very aggressive and sensitive bird, so it can be a bit difficult to train them. You have to take care of his mood during training


Grey parrots need plenty of toys that improve their intelligence, such as puzzle toys and game toys. If you are owner of grey parrot, then it is your responsibility to give them 2 – 4 hours a day. Their cage need to be large enough so they can easily stretch their wings. Idle size of their cage is almost 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. It can be a bit expensive to owner because owner have to take care of their diet.


Their diet must contain grains, seeds and other nutrients. They eat nutrients in form of berry. They also eat fruits lie apple, banana and grapes.  


They breed in dry season. Once they paired with their mate then they have been known to be very affectionate toward their mates. By sitting next to each other and frequently preening the feather, they select their partner.


They are best talker in the parrot family, they are able to repeat words after hearing them once or twice. They become full talking parrot around 1 year. They are intelligent so, they may choose to talk rather than scream. They are much noisy but they aren’t much noisy like Scarlet, Blue Gold and Spix macaw.

Some Questions

How much does it cost for an African GREY parrot?

African grey parrots are not much costly. It price ranges from 1500$ to 3500$ per piece. This price depends on their age, tamed or difference in their subspecies.

 Are African GREY parrots good pets?

It depends on owner that how they tam them. Sometime owner just treat them as a pet and some owner consider them as a family member. They are most intelligent and good parrots if you treat them like a family member.

How many African GREY parrots are left in the wild?

Their number is decreasing in wild. Their population decreased upto 90% in wild because to pet traders who catch them from wild and sale in bird’s market.

Do African GREY parrots talk?

Yes, African grey parrots can talk but it totally depends on owner that how he treats them. If you keep them in your family, then they can talk and repeat words and phrases.

How long can African GREY parrots go without food?

You have to take care of their diet but a research say that they can survive 24 hours without water and 48 hours without food. But after that it is much difficult to keep them alive.



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